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Spring Lawn and Landscape Care Checklist for Floridians

Posted by Olympus Insurance on May 3, 2017 10:00:37 AM

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Spring is here, and it’s time to get ready for a great looking summer lawn and landscape around your Florida home. As days get longer, and sunnier, the beach and golf course will beckon, so it’s the perfect time to get your outdoor spring clean list out of the way.

Check your sprinklers.

The heads should all be tested for appropriate spray coverage, and piping or hoses inspected for cracks or leaks, and you need to review your timers to make sure you are compliant with current, local watering ordinances.

Mulch, mulch, mulch!

Get rid of old mulch that has started to mat, and use rakes clippings, leaves, or commercial mulch to revitalize your flower beds and around tree trunks. New mulch allows water and nutrients to get to the roots and prevent evaporation under the hot Florida sun.

Plug or re-sod your lawn as needed.

Use a hardy, native grass that doesn’t require much extra watering or maintenance. Alternately, consider landscaping areas of your yard with grass alternatives to conserve water and add curb appeal.

Clean out gutters.

Plugged gutters can cause backed up water to exploit any weaknesses in the siding and get down in between the walls of your home causing water damage that can increase over time.

Trim any trees that are too close to the house or which have unstable branches.

Cut down trees too damaged by disease or decay that could be a threat to your home. A windstorm could bring down a branch or whole tree and cause considerable damage.

Talk to your landscaper

about ways to increase your home value with appropriate landscaping, and about how to minimize issues like foreign plant growth from encroaching species or erosion from insufficient soil care.

Check any outbuilding for structural stability and any wild animals or reptiles that may be in residence.

Address pests with proper control measures that are safe and approved.

If you have a fence, check it over as well for stability and strength.

Replace or repair any weak sections.

Clean and calibrate your pool

for hours of fun and relaxation during the summer months. Don’t forget to have a pool enclosure locked up or a pool cover installed to help reduce risk of accidents.

Set up a lawn care schedule, whether you use a service or do it yourself. Ensure that all tools used on your lawn are maintained in good working order and that safe operating routines are followed.

Your yard should be a place that is nice to look at, fun to come home to, and relaxing to hang out at. Getting it ready for the year is half of the fun!

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